1)Where are our masks made?

Our masks are made in our facility in North Carolina, USA


2) Are our masks washable?

Yes, our masks are washable. You can hand wash or machine wash them in cold water. We suggest they hang dry.


3) How to choose the best mask for you.

Our Tie Mask is One Size fits most, you can tie it for your best fit and comfort. Our Hook and Loop Mask comes in 2 sizes. We suggest measuring the distance from the tip of your nose to the nape of your neck to see which size is best for you. The XS-M measures 9 5/8 inches and the M-XL size measures 11 1/8 inches. Both options have a hook and loop closure so you can adjust for comfort and the best fit. Our Gaiter is 8.5x12 inches when flat, it has a single layer so it is lighter weight than our other masks.

If you have any question about your measurements feel free to contact us.


4) What are our masks made of?

Our Tie Mask and Hook and Loop Mask are made of premium poly. Our Gaiters are made of a poly-spandex blend.


5) What do medical professionals say about our masks?

We spoke to Dr. Avik Chatterjee (Harvard and UNC- Chapel Hill). He said ''I think they are great, it is important to note, when wearing masks, they don't have to be medical grade, certainly not N-95 masks. Cloth based masks do the trick of protecting respiratory droplets from spreading while not taking away resources from doctors, nurses and first responders who need medical grade masks.'' To read our complete conversation with him click here:



6) Are our masks medical grade?

No, they are not medical grade and intended for necessary errands such as a trip to the grocery store, pharmacy, post office or similar activities. Please see our interview with Dr. Chatterjee for more information.


7) Your organization is in need of masks, how can you receive a donation?

We donate 1 mask for every mask sold! Please reach out to manager@coolienation.com if you are looking for donations. We donate to essential workers or those in need.