A Guide To Your Masks

A Guide To Your Masks

With all these changes to the normal flow of life happening you’ve probably seen many more masks out in public. Some stores are requiring them while others keep it optional. No one knows for sure if masks are now a permanent feature in our wardrobe but they are not going away any time soon. With so many options out there I felt a need to put out a simple guide for what we offer in masks.


As with all our products the masks are completely customizable. You can fill out a free proof form and our designers will help bring your vision to life. Our masks are not intended to be medical grade, however, they do block a majority of your particulates. Our masks are designed to be washable, comfortable and breathable. If you’re worried about not having enough protection but still want to wear something stylish you can always wear a surgical mask underneath one of our masks.


Our most popular style is the tie. Named for the way you secure it. The tie is a one size fits most and is very functional. We recently posted a video listing the other ways in which you can use your tie mask. That list is not comprehensive; the uses are almost infinite depending on your level of creativity. In addition to being extremely useful the tie mask covers your mouth and nose and can fit as snug or loose as you desire.


For those wishing for a more snug fit that can be easily secured and removed, we also offer hook and loop. The front area is a little smaller than the tie mask and it’s tails are also smaller. But it covers everything it needs to and has no wasted space. It is secured in the back with a Velcro like system and is therefore adjustable. Our 2 sizes range from XS-M or from M-XL. The smaller sizes are perfect for kids while the larger size fits most adults.


Our newest addition to our collection is the gaiter. These are perfect for people on the go and don’t like fiddling with their masks. You just slip it on and it stays. Made of a more elastic material the gaiter fits most sizes but we also offer a kids size as well. The kids’ gaiters come in different designs that are more age appropriate. As always it is customizable if you prefer your own style.




Hopefully this blog will help explain what we offer and we are always working on new products. So stay tuned for more updates in the future as we experiment and come up with new styles and variations of old ones. If masks continue to be needed we’ll keep printing them. If that changes then we’ll shift to the next thing!

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